In 2005 the GP2 series hit the world stage by storm as the best young drivers battled for supremacy in Formula 1. The GP2 series is a must-see for motorsport racing fans worldwide as it holds a talent pool of the best up-and-coming drivers in open wheel motor racing – a type of race where race cars have wheels outside the main auto body, and usually accommodate only one seat. The GP2 series acts as a training ground for drivers aspiring to make it to Formula 1 racing, with famous GP2 champions such as Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg having made the transition.

The GP2 series is particularly exhilarating as it is not simply about speed or superiority of the race cars but primarily gauges the stuff drivers are made of. Drivers showcase their talents competing on world-renowned circuits throughout Europe, hoping to prove their abilities in front of F1 teams. For this reason the GP2 series has made it mandatory for drivers to use the same chassis, engine and tyre supplier.

As with other motorsport races the GP2 has seen its share of spectacular crashes including this year’s kick off at the Bahrain International Circuit that saw a four-car pile-up. Norman Nato turned in on Raffaele Marciello who was attacking up the inside, making contact with the Italian while at the same time tapping the rear of third-placed Arthur Pic, spinning his car, which then collected Pierre Gasly's DAMS machine. The collision eliminated all four drivers which resulted in Nato’s penalization.

This year’s GP2 series is the eleventh season that started on 18th April and will continue until 29th November where curtains close in Abu Dhabi. 26 drivers representing 13 teams will race over 11 rounds also racing in Spain, Monaco, Austria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Belgium, Italy and Russia. 2014 season champion Jolyon Palmer will not be returning to defend his title as GP2 regulations stipulate that a driver is not allowed back into the series once they have won the championship. He will instead be the reserve driver for Lotus F1.