The Australian Classic is a precision rally that prides itself in the tradition of gentlemen’s racing. It premiered in 2012, featuring classic cars made prior to 1986 (over 30 years old) but also has classes for replicas, supercars such as Porsche and Aston Martins and hot-rods (the really old, shiny, big engine Ford Coupe and Chevy pickup types). As these classic cars are rather lavish, prized possessions, the rally is not about speed and dare-devil risks but rather about precision timing, specifically, to the 100th of a second.

The Australian Classic makes for a splendid weekend of watching stunning cars snake their way through various stage challenges that take place in a most exigent environment – open public roads! Fans throng the starting line to check out the exquisite beasts as they cross the starting line when the checkered flag is waved. Drivers put on a grand show, pumping their gas pedals much to the glee of spectators who love the sound of a revving engine.

Contenders must meander through regular traffic, adhering to all road regulations to clinch the stage prizes and the three main prizes. Teams are tasked with navigating certain routes within a specified time limit and may be disqualified if they are found breaking road rules through speeding, for example. Teams are awarded penalty-points equivalent to how much later than the prescribed time they finished each leg. The team with the lowest score captures the trophy.

The over 600km route is placed against the backdrop of the most amazing Australian scenery, from coastal roads to mountain range climbs. The 2015 Australian Classic Rally which is the third edition, will be held on June 20th-21st in Cairns. A range of classic car models are expected to dazzle spectators in a stunning display of the golden ages including Ford Escorts, Alfa Romeo, Nissan Bluebird, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Celica, Datsun, Mitsubishi Lancer and even a Mini Cooper S.