The central Asia Rally is perhaps the most unconventional rally you will come across in modern-day road racing motorsport. It is as perilous, exotic and nerve-wracking as they come! Designed for travel fanatics who enjoy exploring new places, people and cultures, the Central Asia Rally is more about living on the edge than it is about speed and short spurts of thrill.

The rally is 8,000km long and spans 18 days beginning in Budapest, Hungary and goes through Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, sometimes Afghanistan, and concludes in Kyrgyzstan. It is organized by The Travel Scientists who charted the route through the former Soviet Union territories which are now re-emerging after decades of Communist isolation, civil war, and economic turmoil.

The Travel Scientists encourage an excursion feel to the rally, urging participating teams to seek the unique thrills and rich experiences that are the hallmark of the Central Asia Rally. In a free spirit kind of fashion, minimal regulation and assistance is provided. Unlike most other rallies, no specification for participating cars are required. Teams most often buy used cars, trucks or vans at the location where the race begins, with the aim of reselling them at the final destination.

They are equipped with proper documentation for cross-border travel, accommodation, a route plan and survival guide and sent off on the most incredible journey of discovery to lands unknown. So wild is this rally that teams are given a list of contingencies that they may face on the road including irreparable damage to vehicles without any standby rescue teams or back up vehicles, floods or landslides, minefields, sunstroke and dehydration, food poisoning, high altitude sickness and the most commonly faced problem, corrupt officials who prevent or slow down travel until they receive bribes. Teams drive for such long hours in a highly varied terrain that some begin to hallucinate from exhaustion!