It is all about ice, gravel and pine trees at the Canadian Rally Championship, Canada’s only national motorsport event that employs Canada’s exceptional, indigenous landscape. The Canadian Rally Championship is an annual contest that takes place throughout the year starting from February to November. The championship is over 50 years old having been forged in 1957 and is currently sanctioned by the Canadian Association of Rally Sport (CARS).

The Canadian Rally Championship runs from coast to coast in 6 terrific events that are as much about the frenzied rally fans and speedy race cars, as they are about the bravura of the nifty drivers. Spectators cheer heartily as drivers zoom past in their whirring turbo-charged cars, kicking up snow and gravel while they slide on the edge of the treacherous roads full throttle!

Various car manufacturers battle to outwit their competition by creating robust engines not only for endurance but also to stir the adrenaline-charged senses of their fans. Add the sleek chassis for aerodynamic purposes that make for good eye candy and you’ve got yourself a show! Volkswagen, Datsun, Volvo and Toyota were favourites in the earlier years of the championships but since the 90s, Audi, Subaru and Mitsubishi have been battling it out for the team’s title each clinching the trophy at least five times successively. Mitsubishi’s successive win since 2010 has put championship sponsors Subaru Team Canada on the edge. In a bid to tip the scales to their favour, Team Subaru have this year brought back seasoned veterans Antoine L'Estage and Alan Ockwell from the glory days to pursue the CRC national title.

This year’s Canadian Rally Championship kicked off with much vigour on February 6th in the Rallye Perce-Neige in Maniwaki, Quebec. The next event, Rallye Baie Des Chaleurs, starts on June 27th in New Richmond.