Sponsors and supporters gathered at Serena hotel in Kenya’s capital Nairobi for a press conference that would serve as a farewell for Kenya’s latest motor racing sensation, Tejas Hirani.
The 19 year old, will be leaving for Sweden for a two month training.
Two years ago, Hirani was crowned champion at the UAE’s national single-seater championship Formula Gulf 1000 in Dubai and is currently the only Kenyan driver to race in the FIA World Rallycross RX Lite Championship in Barcelona, Spain.
The soft spoken teenager has caused a buzz in the local and international motocross scenes, creating a name for his home country, Kenya.
“Am just excited to put Kenya on the Map, to prove to everyone that we can do it. Yup,” said Tejas Hirani motocross racer.
After receiving a sponsorship deal worth 3 million Kenya shillings from Chase Bank Kenya late last year, things are looking up for Hirani, with Mcheza - a sports betting company - throwing in a 5 million Kenya shillings sponsorship fee.
“Tejas’ opportunity was right exactly where we wanted it to be, and we decided you know what, this is exactly what we are about, this is exactly what MCheza is about, it’s not just about players winning, it's about impact, it's about community engagement, it's about somebody talented feeling the impact of a brand that is not necessarily within their sphere,” said Peter Karimi, Mcheza CEO.
He has also received sponsorship from a Swedish ex rally driver Andreas Eriksson, who has spotted a lot of potential, offering to accommodate and train him.
“I believe Tejas is one of the new stars, I believe that he can be one of the guys that in a couple of years will be the dominating guys in the sport,” said Eriksson
The youngster is looking to better his record this year.

Rally drivers in Uganda trooped into the Nsimbi Estate in Mpigi central Uganda for the opening round of Uganda autocross championship.
Driving a Subaru impreza N14, the impressive Hassan Alwi, navigated by Shyam Kotecha won the event clocking 15 minutes and 40 seconds.
Alwi beat an equally brilliant 14-year-old Ali Omar Yasser who came in second in his buggy.
He came second overall, just one minute and two seconds behind Alwi. Omar was tied with Alwi at some point during the race.
The race was intended to test the driver’s grit and mettle on the track as they prepare themselves for professional rallying.
“This is just for fun and it's building me up to a rally so I don’t mind if they are driving actual rally cars,” said Ali Omar Yasser, rally driver.
“It’s a very good initiative and it teaches new drivers such as me the basics of all what really is all about it’s a very good orientation of the people who are joining the sport and I think we should have more of the this in the year,” said Alfred Mutanda, rally driver.
For some, like Vic Singh Saini the obstacles they bumped into helped them for future, professional races.
“Absolutely it was very challenging route of seven kilometres it had everything it had stretches of fast straights of high speed it had places with jumps it had places with very narrow stage at one point water it was a good mix of all terrain that you would expect in a normal rally,” said Saini.
The Uganda rally scene has registered significant growth over the past few years and has fierce rivalry with neighbours Kenya. If the competition in this event is anything to go by, Uganda could produce top notch drivers to take on their arch rivals.
“Basically autocross is for the beginners and it's part of the training that a driver can get before the rally so far for now as you can see the drivers have turned up in good numbers old and new drivers it indicates that in future Autocross is going to be a stiff championship and a good event for drivers to train before the next rally comes on,” said Kizza Kagoro, autocross organiser.
The second round of the event will be held from 10th to 12th June this year.